Inner world I, oil on wood

Inner Worlds
Painting is for me a meditative way of expression. -

Often i just looked at the empty space,
to find out what is it that wants to manifest.

And then suddenly the process starts.
With a single line ...
and from there it develops to a whole construction.

Stone works

Stone works
every stone has its own sound when working on it. Depending on the density of the stone one hears higher or lower sounds when carving or hammering on that stone. Granite stone has the highest frequency when working on it, since it is so dense. Crystalyzed marble sound more musical to me than normal white marble. So even working with stone becomes a musical experience to me. -
And most of my works in stone are related to vibrational patterns of sound.
See more: Marble and granite

Stained glass

Stained glass activities

Besides painting son now and then I like to do stained glass works. I do combine this technique with different materials like transparent stone and/or different metals like copper, aluminium or stainless steel.

Guitar and voices