DVD Message of sound

This film is a registration of sound-resonance in water, made visible by the reflection of light.

Having done thousands of photos of sound resonance in water and many hundreds of short films, I produced the film - Message of Sound - which is released as DVD by Oreade music.
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Cymatic film and photos of sound resonance in water
An audio-visual experience: what you see is what you hear

There are 2 parts:
Part 1. - Film: Sound-resonance in water 30:14 min.
Part 2. - Cymatic Photo Show: Sound-resonance in water 21:40 min.


Part 1. - Film: Sound-resonance in water duration 30:14 min.
Film: by Danny Becher
Music by Danny Becher and TONUS-Ensemble

Subtitles and music:

1. DIDJERIDOU - by Pauli Mårsén
2. EARTH - by TONUS - Taiko drum, stones, darabuka, talking drum a.o.
3. TIBETAN BOWLS, GONGS and VOICE - Danny Becher
4. WATER - by TONUS Ensemble Stockholm - Peo Hagfeldt, Pauli Mårsén, Danny Becher
5. A SOULS SONG - from Touched by sound - Danny Becher
6. DIDJERIDOU - by Pauli Mårsén
7. BUTTERFLY SONG - Crystal singing bowls - Danny Becher

Part 2. - Cymatic Photo Show: Sound-resonance in water duration 21:40 min.
98 photos - All photos and music by Danny Becher

Subtitles and sound tracks:

8. BUTTERFLY SONG - (part 2) - Crystal singing bowls
9. AEOLIAN FINGERPRINT - Lithophone / tuned rajasthani granite stones

Total time of the DVD 51:54 min.

An audio-visual experience: what you see - is what you hear

The technique of making sound visible.
When water is set into resonance by single vibrations, different frequencies and/or music, the surface of the water starts moving into ripples, like when you drop a stone into water. When the ripples of water reach the edges of the vessel, where the water is placed in, they will return to the centre of the vessel again and by that create interferention patterns.
These patterns one can make visible with lighting up the surface of the water, and this results in the 'mandala' patterns of the sound resonance within the water. - What you see, is what you hear. -
The film and the photos from Danny Becher are a registration of the vibrational patterns of his own music. We see these geometrical patterns from above the water surface. The patterns become visible by the reflection of light onto the water.

This audio-visual experience has a double impact onto our awareness, since we not only hear the sound, but we can see it in real-time. - This impact on our senses creates a harmonising and balancing effect and broadens our understanding of the magic and the power of sound.
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See more photos of my experiments of sound-resonance in water at: http://www.cymatic.nl