The magic of sound

DannyBecher - sound resonance in tibetan bowl

Lecture/workshop on - Sound phenomena -

The power of sound is the basic theme.
Danny Becher will talk about the relation of sound, body, mind and emotion and how to use the voice, overtones and /or instruments like the singing bowls for healing and regenerating purpose.

By way of some listening-excercises and a few practical singing-excercises the audience already will experience the power and magic that is hidden in sound.

The relation of sound, science and art is another subject that will be touched and Danny will demonstrate the Cladni-sound patterns, a way of making sound visible.

By looking at the creation og shapes during the resonance of different sounds we become able to understand the physical manifestation of sound in matter.

DannyBecher - 16 Hz cymatics-photo - muladhara

Next to this scientific view on sound we will look at some paintings of psychics and artists, how sound is experienced by them and translated into a piece of art.

Furthermore Danny will show his unique photo- and film-documentation from his own research ' the message of sound '.
All patterns shown in this documentation are created by sound resonance in water.

String resonance pattern with 7 overtones

string resonance pattern - painting by DannyBecher

Message of Sound - 44 Hz - photo by DannyBecher