Concert - Danny Becher

tibetan bowls, china gongs, lithophone

A concert by Danny Becher is a meditative journey
travelling through different inner landscapes.

The voice with its overtone solos is surrounded by tibetan, thai, japan and nepalese singing bowls, and indian traditional recitation of mantras or sanskrit songs are integrated.
A kalimba, the african thum-piano, tuned in pentatonic scale, is a soft and joyful contrasting sound to all instruments, as well as the integration of black rajasthani granit stones, the lithophone, where stone starts sounding with its own quality.

Depending on the place of the concert a variety of gongs, from Burma and China, till one meter in diameter is integrated too.


INVOCATION - solo by Danny Becher
tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls,
kalimba, lithophone (granit stone),
china gongs, the voice and overtones.

Booking a concert
to book a concert kindly get in touch with me:
0031-(0)6-2345 0287 or 0046-(0)708 846 873

Tibetan bowls - ganapati