Childrens workshop - Magic of Sound

This seminar is specially designed for children. It's aim is to make the youngsters conscious about the hidden qualities in Sound and Music. - In a playfull manner different subjects will pass the scene, included by demonstrations and interactive participation by the children.
Themes that will appear:
How do we experience sound?
On physical, mental and emotional level. –
We will talk about and the children can express their feelings.
What is real listening?
Listening excercises with different instruments, to detect and understand what is called 'the timbre of sound', and to find out the action of different tones and instruments. Also we will listen to different asiatic singing-bowls, to experience sound-quality in timbre, harmonic spectrum, sound-colour, pulsations, waves and interferentions.

demonstrating cladni sound patterns

Science, art and sound.
Ernst Cladni, a german scientist of 17th century found that sound can the most interresting vibrational patterns. These patterns we can find back in nature and also in ornamental art through different cultures. - Danny will demonstrate the Cladni-sound-patterns, to show the action of sand, while sounding different tones on a metal-plate. - What becomes visible is the physical manifestation of sound in matter.
Another way of making sound visible is the science called cymatics. It's founder, Dr. Hans Jenny, has set different materials in motion by sound, to show the response to different frequenties offered. We will look at some photos of the experiments.
Danny shows his latest documentation 'the message of sound'. A photo and film documentation of sound-resonance in water.

The hidden sound.
As we had been listening 'into' the sound quality of instruments and the asiatic bowls earlier, now we will explore the voice. Danny will demonstrate the 'hidden sounds' of the voice, the harmonic overtone spectrum. - While humming a fundamental tone, flute like sounding melodies will appear. - A sort of polyphonic singing with yourself. -
By way of simple excercises, the children are invited to experience overtone resonance within their own voices. - It's a joyfull way of producing sound and creating with one voice only, several tones at the same time.
In earlier seminars with children, they responded to the demonstrations such as:
'This is the man, who can sing and whistle at the same time!'
or: 'When Danny sings, he sounds like a bag-pipe!'

Listening with the body!
The children are given the possibility to physically explore the sound-waves of different singing bowls, by listening with their hands and feet. Also if some of them like to, the one or other bowls can be placed on their body,to experience sound-waves within the body.

Sound and art.
Many great musicians were touched by the radiance of a painting and composed pieces of music because of their visual impression. - Painters as well translated their feelings of a music they heard, into a piece of art. - And clairevoyants also have their impression as to how music looks like in its aura and energetic field. - Some examples will be looked at and shortly listened to.