TONUS - Dreamworld Harmonics


Danny Becher- voice, singing bowls, gongs, percussion
Peo Hagfeldt (
)- udu, renaissance-drum, chimes, percussion
Pauli Mårsén –
didjeridou, percussion

This world/ethno oriented music is an exposition of sounds from instruments of different cultures. Even the voice is being used in a unique way, by using its natural harmonic overtones as a melodic expression, as is done in the Mongolian tradition, but combining with melodic movements inspired by the Gregorian chant.
The voice, the didgeridoo from Australia, singing bowls from Tibet, Thailand, India and Japan, gongs from china, the Udu (percussive clay pot) and various percussion instruments give the music a wide range of sound colours, that take the listener on a journey of exploring new musical landscapes and dimensions

TONUS II - Sticks and stones

a CD for dance, body movement and body awareness
Sticks and stones, stocks and bones –
and other material from nature were the basic inspiration for this CD.
Performing while walking on pebbles, clapping different stones and hitting different woods and logs became not only a musical experience, but also a visual highlight during performances.
Moving from different drums to singing bowls, gongs, handclaps, dijeridou, kalimba to vocals and overtone chant, made it an ethnic journey focusing on the different elements of nature like wood, fire, ether, earth and water.
Each composition has its definite combination of instruments to express a certain element
1. EARTH - stones, bones, shakers, talking drum, udu, tabla, taiko, def, handclaps
2. METAL – chimes, windchimes, glockenspiel, singing bowls, cymbals, different metals
3. WATER – splashing, bubbling, dripping, dropping water with hands, fingers, tubes, stones
4. WOOD – wood log, sticks, stocks, balofon, claves, woodblock, marimba, cajon
5. FIRE – gong, cymbals, shakers, sandpaper, fire
6. WIND – breath, shakuhachi flute, windgong, windwhistle, conch
7. ETHER – voices, overtones, singing bowls

Natural - Fred Vogels+Danny Becher

Natural - Vogels/Becher

Instruments: the voice, overtones, temple-gongs,
singing bowls, marimba, darabuka, kalimba, polychord.
Natural was brought about by strong emotional experiences.
Numerous concerts gave the music its own life; it was ‘transformed’.
The music gives you possibilities for associations, for deepening
your own emotions. In the music common basic feelings
play an important part: sorrow, death, joy, need

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Fred Vogels - Danny Becher recording in a chappel

Fred Vogels - Danny Becher

Instruments-concert FredVogels+DannyBecher